WordPress Themes for your Business

WordPress Themes for your Business

When creating a wordpress site for my clients, I tell them to go out to the web and do a search on wordpress themes.  There is literally hundreds of them available some free and others with a small price tag attached.

This gives my clients, the option to see what is available and to also get a better understanding of what they want their site to look like.  I also do a follow up email with a list of 4 or 5 themes that I think matches what I think might suit their business following our initial conversation.

This morning I came across a review of 44 themes – some themes I have used and others I will be suggesting in the future.

Visit BizNow to look at their review of these 44 themes – many of them are free.  To install a theme all you need to do is download it to your hard drive.  Then go to the dashboard of WordPress and click on  [Appearance] [Themes] and [Install theme].  Once installed active the theme and you are good to go.

Let me know how you go by sharing your results on our facebook page.