Why Use A Blog As A Website?

I often get asked why use a blog instead of a website. I laugh at this, because really a blog is a website. The only difference is the software used on the site. Blogging software is so easy to use.  One of my favourites is WordPress, with the click of a button you can change the entire look and feel of your site.  A blog is dynamic and can be updated daily, weekly or whenever you want to share with your readers.

Readers form a community and share comments on your posts, your tutorials, videos and so much more. Whereas with a website its not so easy to quickly edit the text and make a change.

A blog is hard work! Owning a blog doesn’t mean you need to post every day but it does mean that if you want to have happy readers you keep it updated regularly.
In my opinion, and I think most people will agree, blogs are way easier to update, manage, and use than a traditional website.  You buy your domain name and hosting, install WordPress, and in a matter of minutes you can start posting. Don’t like the look of your site, no problem find a new theme and one click and its totally different.

And lastly, Google loves Blogs – so why not get into Blogging and share with your customers today.