Where is your business heading?

Interesting title isn't it – Where Is Your Business Heading? Do you ever wonder that same thing?

I am sure if I asked most people – where is your business heading, they wouldn't be able to answer my question. 

How many people set goals, be it daily, month or even yearly? I know I wasn't – well that was until I stumbled across Helen Raptopolous aka Rappy Helen.

I was kind of lost and really didn't have any direction and I asked Helen to work with me to help define Donna.  How could I go out there and setup a wonderful business and share with others, if I didn't know what my business was and what I wanted to help others with – how was I going to get there !

Helen is holding a Productivity Training call on March 24 – I urge everyone who reads this, to register for that call. 

Take immediate action today and register for this call – I promise you that it will be an inspiring hour and at the very least it will make you sit down and decide where you are going with your business and how you are going to get there.

Here is the link – Rappy Helen – Productivity Training

PS. If you miss it – don't worry, there will be a replay.