What is your daily blogging strategy?

We all have good intentions of writing a post a day and continuing this for the next …. months.

Fact is, that most of us struggle to get past the first week or two.  I know from personal experience I was like “will people want to know that” or “I am sure someone else told them that”.

My friend and I were having a discussion today – and he was like “oh people know that already” and I was like “they might but did they hear that from you”.  So if you are struggling on what to write – take a moment and think about 10 things that people want to know about your business or product or industry.

For example – I wrote out a list of 10 things that I didn’t know about wordpress.  I took inspiration from when I was a newbie and the struggles I went through learning it.  I then turned that into posts, and then converted that to videos etc and before I knew it  – I had 30 pieces of content for my blog.

I bet you didn’t realize it could be that easy :-)

Last piece of the puzzle – writing REALLY GOOD headlines for your posts.  With a great headline you get more traffic, more conversion, more sharing. . .  all the good stuff!  I grabbed this pdf sometime ago and thought you might enjoy reading it and getting inspiration for your next post !

Click here for the 102 proven social media headline formulas you can start using right away.

PS – don’t forget to post your blog posts over on your Facebook wall – it will give you a backlink to your site from a pagerank site of 6.