Using Youtube to Promote your Business

Everyone has heard of YouTube and everyone should be using YouTube to Promote their Business!

When chatting to small business owners, I ask them why aren’t they using YouTube to promote your business?  The response is usually because they don't know how to;

(1) create a video and upload it on YouTube or

(2) how to use a video from YouTube and share with their site.

In previous posts I have created a video showing you how to use Jing a free tool from Techsmith. This is a great tool to record your screen or you can use your own camera to produce a video.  If you missed that video watch it here ==> Using Jing

Whether you are using Jing or whether you have created a video with your trusty little camera, the next step is to upload it to Youtube.  In this video we are going to see how to upload the video and then learn how to embed it into your post AND how to share it on Facebook.


If you are not comfortable with creating your own videos – no problems.  Go to youtube and do a search for a video that is related to your niche and then go to Embed just as we did with the above video and then copy and paste that code into your wordpress site.

Whilst its preferable to brand yourself by creating your own videos – you don't have to create your own videos to be able to share great content and Promote Your Business!