Using images from Google or Facebook

Using images from Google or Facebook

Isn’t it OK to just take and use an image from the web?Who stole my carrot?

When using images in your blogs, articles or even on your Facebook Page you need to make sure you have permission to do so.  People often just go and “borrow” an image from the net or off another Facebook Page without giving thought to “do they have permission to use this image and reuse it where they like”.

FYI:  All images once created are copyright protected – you cannot just go and take something off the net and use it.  Get written permission to do so.

How do I do this?  Easy, send an email to the person OR website where you found the image and ask them can you use it and  let them know what you plan to do with it.  Often a link back to their site is enough to get a YES!  If in doubt .. do not use!

How to find images I can use?  There are many sites on the net that allow you to use their images, some ask for a link back, some ask for acknowledgement of the person … check their terms of service.  If you are uncertain then go to sites that sell images, for a small image some of these sites sell images that are very inexpensive.

Another great source is public domain images.

What is public domain?  Works are in the public domain if the intellectual property rights have expired,[1] if the intellectual property rights are forfeited,[2] or if they are not covered or protected by intellectual property laws.  To read more pop on over to the Wikipedea and read the full article on “public domain” HERE.

Where do I find public domain websites. There are dozens of websites that offer hundreds of thousands of free public domain and royalty free images. At the time of writing this post …. below is a small list of some of the best sites available:

Great site as well for brushes and other resources for photoshop.

Flickr: The Commons

Liam’s pictures from Old Books

Microsoft Office free images and clipart
I use this one all the time !



PD Photo

Stock Exchange
Lots of great images here that you can use on Facebook !


U.S. Government Graphics and Photos

Wikimedia Commons


Please Note: Always check their agreements before using the images. Make sure the images you’re copying have no restrictions or have license agreements that allow you to use them in the way you want to.

My challenge to you, is to go out and find images that you can use and start sharing these on your blog, articles and Facebook Page. Don’t just take someone else’s work but give a thought to the person who spent time and money creating that image for their business.  Would you want someone to “borrow” your images you have worked so hard on?




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