Ultimate Guide to Facebook

Ultimate Guide to Facebook

Who needs to work hard when there are so many people producing awesome content.

What do I mean – Copyblogger has just produced an article called “The Ultimate Guide to Facebook“.  Seriously there is some good content in this guide.

You won’t be able to take all the information in at once, read one section and implement it immediately into your business.  Here is just a fraction of what is covered in this Ultimate Guide to Facebook.

Facebook ROI
Facebook Best Practices
Selling on Facebook
Running a Contest on Facebook ….

Haven’t held an event yet?  Check out the first few paragraphs where they talk about how to set up and hold events ….

What Are Facebook Events? Facebook events can be set up by a profile or a page and function much like a group in that users can communicate with each other in a specific location. Also like groups, Facebook events can be public, closed or private. Users can respond to an event by confirming, declining, or offering a “maybe” to the host.

How To Use A Facebook Event For Marketing. Events can be used much like a page for specific activities and are only open to profiles to attend, not other pages. The creators of events (only profiles, not pages) can communicate directly with the mini-community that has been invited, and images, videos and files can be shared.

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