Twitter Tutorial

Twitter Tutorial

I often get asked do Twitter and Facebook go hand in hand?  Yes I have my Facebook account linked up to Twitter but I don’t tweet as regular as I should.

Out of the two of them, I decided Facebook was more my cuppa tea – its about building long term relationships.

Having said that, I think we all need to be aware of what Twitter can do for our businesses.  If you would like to learn more about Twitter … then one person who I really admire and respect is GrandaMa Mary….. I can just hear her laughing at me telling me that I should tweet some more and get into the action.

GrandMa Mary aka Andrea Vahl has recently released this Twitter Tutorial – pop on over say hi to either Andrea of GrandMa and let them know that Donna sent you.

Oh btw – be sure to follow me on Twitter and let me know how this Twitter Tutorial worked for you.  TWITTER LINK