Tips on writing your About Page

I recently read an article “Are you Making these 7 Mistakes with your About Page” and thought to myself  “I had better go check my About page“.  Sure enough I couldn’t find it.

I knew I had created one at the time of setting up this site – so where had it gone.  After poking around the dashboard, I found it… nearly 2 years old and out of date.  It needs a revamp but I was happy to report I definitely had included most of the elements that Copy Blogger suggested you needed for your About Page.

Mistake 1 – I have one and it can be found on the Navigation Bar.!!!

Mistake 2 – I have one of those too !!!  See its me Donna Hamer !

Mistake 3 – Image, ticked that box too.

Mistake 4 – Cringe .. am I boring?

Mistake 5 – No video … anything over 1 minute I rarely watch unless its a tutorial :-(

Mistake 6 – No short and sweet here !

Mistake 7 – Yes its all about me :-( .  I had better get writing.

Are you doing the same mistakes – love to know your thoughts and please share you about Page on your Website with us .  I would love to see what you are doing.