The Most Complete Twitter Application List Available – 2011 Edition

The Most Complete Twitter Application List Available – 2011 Edition

I once heard Twitter described as if you were going to the party, you get to flirt with everyone whereas Facebook is more like dating – you are in it for the long term.

Whether you are into flirting or dating there are some fantastic tools out there that can make your job easier when it comes to social media management.

Eric Goldstein complied this complete list of  Twitter Applications. What’s so great about this list, is there is also many tools on the list can also be used for Facebook.

Here is what you can expect from this post;

  • Simple Web Based Clients & Twitter Viewing Tools
  • Directory and Top User Search Tools
  • Segmentation and List Grouping Tools
  • Twitter Utilities
  • Integrate Twitter with Files, Image and Videos
  • Twitter Background Sites
  • Summarized reports/Digests of Social Activity
  • Cool ways to see your Tweets and Followers
  • Follower/ unfollower tools
  • Twitter Account Analysis Tools
  • Business Social/ Twitter Suits & Tools
  • Twitter Integration with your site or Blog
  • Twitter as an Organizer
  • Pools and Surveys on Twitter
  • Twitter Advertising Networks
  • Twitter and Music
  • Twitter Backup Utilities
  • Adobe Air Clients
  • Twitter tools for Mac
  • Twitter Firefox and other plugins
  • iphone apps

There is much much more (than listed above) so grab a coffee and be prepared to spend sometime going over this Twitter Application List. I promise you – if you are Tweeting this is an invaluable list to read.

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