Social Media Management

Monthly management of your Page is $500 a month on a 3 month contract.

SOS will provide 15 pieces of content created a week on your behalf and posted at regular intervals. We’ll engage on your page and respond to comments made on the posts.  All enquiries will be forwarded directly onto you to respond.

At the end of the 3 month period – if you wish to continue with these services simply re purchase this Package.

Monthly Payment for Social Media Package
Number of payments 3
Start payments
Due* Amount
At checkout $500.00 AUD
Every 4 weeks (x 2) $500.00 AUD
Total $1,500.00 AUD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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*Each month payment must be made in advance, should you not pay or fall behind posting will not be carried out on your behalf until you catch up.