Social Media is just another Marketing Tool

Social Media Marketing

Businesses have been marketing ever since the start of time. We all use different methods, whether its letter box drops, mail outs, emails, radio & television, talking to your clients as they come into your business … you get the picture.

Along comes social media marketing and we are told its new, its exciting, and if you don’t jump on board you are going to miss out.

But is this really true?

Is social media something we have been doing for a long time – but its now packaged in a different way?

Today I read an article “Five Lies about Social Media Marketing”  over at – if you are confused about social media … and whether or not you are going to miss out; then you will enjoy this article where Mikal shares his views on Social Media Marketing.   He breaks it down into layman terms – no fluff – I particularly liked no. 4 – Social media is ‘new’ media !

You tell me – have you been doing Social Media Marketing for a long time and just didn’t know it?  To read more check out Five Lies about Social Media Marketing.