Referral Marketing is it working for your Business

One of the benefits of Facebook is the ability to ask your family, friends and connections for their opinion on a certain business or product.  Most people will trust their friends judgement or those that they respect and trust.  This is also extended to people that those colleagues then associate with.

If you see that someone you know or are connected with is giving a glowing recommendation, you are more than likely to contact that business when the need arises.

Take a look at this infographic (its results have been polled from businesses in the States) but its amazing to look at results of this poll.

Manta Polling Results










































55% of business owners say referrals give them the biggest boost in business but, in contrast, almost half had not actually rated or reviewed another business online themselves.

About the Survey
Manta polled 1,069 small business owners, who are members of and have claimed their Manta business profile, via an online Silverpop survey between January 17 and January 31, 2012. The margin of error is +/- 2.98 percentage point.s

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