QR Code Generator

If you haven’t started using QR Codes then you should be. They are super easy to create and a great way to engage your customers and prospects.

What are QR Codes:

QR is short for Quick Response.

They were originally developed in Japan, and are now becoming increasingly popular in all countries.

They are used to take a piece of information displayed in 2d barcode image and put it in to your cell phone.

Once you know what these little images are you will start to see QR Codes in magazine adverts, on a billboards, a web pages, and some people are even using t-shirts, hats and mouse pads as ways of using these images.

Once a QR Code has been scanned into your cell phone, it will activate certain functions on your cell phone depending on what information is stored in the QR Code.

QR Codes are designed to give contact details about a business, display a map showing the location of the business, web pages along with information about the website and discount coupons to attract more clientelle.

QR Codes can store much more information than a traditional bar code, and the real key to their use and adoption is that they can been read by all smartphones, making them easily accessible to the general public.

How to Use QR Codes:

(1) Generate the Code
(2) Save to your Computer
(3) Add image to your business cards, website, advertising material – anywhere you advertise.

How Do People Read QR Codes:

To read a QR Code is as easy as installing an app to your smart phone and then scanning the image.

There are many apps available – the one that I downloaded for my Samsung Galaxy was Barcode Scanner – which you can locate here.  If you aren’t sure about downloading apps – ask your teenager son or daughter!  Otherwise go to the apps store on your phone and do a search for qr code.

To Get Started:

(1) Go the form below and complete your details and Save.  The code will automatically be sent to you.

(2)  The QR Code is an image, next go ahead and add the image to all your advertising material.