Magic happens when you connect with the right people, at the right time, in a genuine way!

We work with motivated entrepreneurs and marketers to help them grow their business using effective digital media strategies.

If you’re looking to focus and fast-track your progress or have an urgency to deliver results, this is for you.

This program is ideal for entrepreneurs, market leaders or small business owners. We’ll work together to choose areas of highest priority and create:

  • A Detailed action plan with completion dates
  • Specific schedule of follow-ups to discuss progress and results

The areas we’ll cover include:

  • setting up or improving your social media presence,
  • content development strategy,
  • reputation management,
  • website design and improvements,
  • social media engagement,
  • course creation,
  • building authority,
  • ebook creation for Amazon,
  • hangout & video marketing,
  • personal branding, etc.

We focus on three or four areas, develop tasks to be accomplished and establish a schedule for completion dates.

The program includes six months of unlimited access by email, phone and video conferencing meetings.

Initially, we’ll discuss if the program is right for you. If it is, we’ll assess your current situation, expectations and goals as well as the frequency and style of coaching desired. Click HERE to get in touch.