Lucky Bitch – I want to be One !

Do you secretly want to be the envy of your peers … be the person that they look over and say  … “Lucky Bitch”.  If you got a twinge inside when you read that line … then read on.

I was going about my daily Facebook posting in a private group when I saw a post by  “Denise Duffield-Thomas” – she was talking about how she had used her Ipad to create videos for her website.  My inner geek sparked an interest … I had better go over and check out this person. We struck up an instant rapport , when it dawned on me that I was here for another reason.

I had to interview this lady, as she had a message that I think you will all aspire too!  Within 10 minutes we had set a time and date.  How easy was that!

The next week, we get started on our interview and half way through I wondered how come it had turned from me getting as much information out of Denise to Denise interviewing me.  We had lots of fun and Denise is a lovely lady and I am sure you will enjoy our interview as much as I did.

After our conversation, I went straight to Amazon and bought her book “Lucky Bitch”.  Needless to say my head is racing and I plan on being someone that Denise spotlights as a Lucky Bitch in the not too distant future !!!

Hope you enjoy this interview and please share your comments below.