I Had A Dream !

I had a dream, I was on a mission. I wanted to change the world, well let’s be honest, my world really.  I hated going to work doing the same old, same old.  It wasn’t for me and I was going to make a change!

I went to seminars, I subscribed, I paid out good money to be educated, I created and launched sites and in the end … I failed. I didn’t fail because I didn’t take action; I failed because I let life distract me. I did what seemed the fun easy stuff, but never followed through.

 I went to seminars, I subscribed, I created and then I procrastinated.

 I went to seminars, I created and then I became scared.

Does this sound familiar to you – no doubt it’s all too familiar to many of you reading this post.  We set out with a goal, a mission and somehow life’s little road blocks stop us.

But how do we change it?  We all have our own road map, do we follow that road map, or do we decide we are going to take the fork in the road and make a difference.

It’s always been a secret goal, well actually not so secret, because I keep telling everyone… that one day I will earn a full time living from the Internet.  And guess what I have made some good money from the Internet, but when it starts to get hard – I let life’s little test distract me.

Several months ago I had a scare and lucky for me I listened to my intuition that told me to get myself to the Breast Screen Clinic.  I was one of the lucky ones, they found that nasty little cancer before it became anything major.

That scare, made me sit back and look at my life and wonder what have I done, if I died tomorrow would I be happy with what they said about me at my funeral.  Would they say … she loved the Internet but never made it OR would they say she loved internet marketing and grabbed it with both hands and made it work for her!

I decided I wanted the second one to be read out … so here is my journey, how I plan to grab this opportunity with both hands and RUN AS HARD AS I CAN.

I hope you join me in this journey and please share with me your dreams and successes along the way so we both learn and more importantly both laugh at our experiences.