How to Set up a Business Funnel

When I think of a funnel I immediately think of a spiders web and in terms of business marketing I guess its kinda similiar.

All businesses need to set up a funnel so they can capture the details of prospects and customers. On my website I have a lead capture which is run by Aweber and the same thing on my Facebook page

Today I thought I would show you how simple it is to set up your lead capture on your website so you can start to get people into your sales funnel.  In case you are wondering, its the exact same steps to do this on your Facebook Page. ie. Set up the List, Create the Web Form and then paste the code into your Fb Page.

If you don't have an autoresponder service yet – I recommend Aweber.  You can get started for as little as $1 for the first month. This is incredible value to test it out and see what you think.


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