How to Outsource on a small budget

As a small business owner its often difficult to keep up with the latest technology, let alone be a jack of all trades.  Earlier this week I did a post on how to find your keywords (read more here).

In this post today we will take a look at the cheapest place in town to outsource!  Now let me make one stipulation- that whilst its cheap sometimes you get what you pay for !!  I have used this site myself many times to buy services and have been over the moon at level of service for the majority of gigs I have bought.  I have also bought a couple that didn’t deliver what they said they would do.

Check out this post by Kim Roach of Buzz Blogger about how to use for your outsourcing.  In this post Kim gives you 7 examples of great gigs on

Oh and feel free to share this with your friends – cause if they are struggling with outsourcing the will thank you after they read how easy it is to get started.