How to Make a Page on Facebook

How to Make a Page on Facebook

Make a Page on Facebook

There is a lot of wonderful information out there to help you with making your own Business Page on Facebook.  But knowing where to find it and whether its the latest up to date information is often what confuses people.

In March, Facebook under went so many changes and many readers have asked for up to date help with Making a Page on Facebook.  

So, if you are new to facebook and haven't yet set up a Fan Page or Business Page or a Page on Facebook (ps they are all the same thing) then this video course is for you.  "Make a Page on Facebook" is a 7 day video course to show you step by step how to set up and create a Page on Facebook.

Video 1 – Correct Way to Set up your Page

Video 2 – How to Set Up Your Facebook Page

Video 3 – Understanding the Back End of your Facebook Page

Video 4 – Setting up your Logo & Thumbnail

Video 5 – Using your Personal Profile to Grow Fans

Video 6 – Claiming your Vanity Url

Video 7 – Understanding Your Page and How to Use It

Video 8 – Wrapping It Up

To get started …. Visit – Make a Page on Facebook

This is totally free, so please share it with your friends and on your websites.