How To Link your Personal Profile to your Facebook Page

How To Link your Personal Profile to your Facebook Page

For some people they can go straight to their Personal Profile and click on [edit my profile] and then click on [education and work] and type in the name of their Facebook page in the [Employer] section and bingo…. in pops their logo and links their Facebook page.  Nice and simple !!!

Unfortunately Facebook decided that it didn’t want to allow me the same easy solution.  For several weeks I have struggled with making it work.  I knew that Wendy Moore (from Melbourne) had done a tutorial on it a month or so ago so I dropped her a quick message on Facebook.

Thanks to Wendy’s tutorial I was finally able to link the two up.  You can use both Google Chrome and Firefox extensions to achieve the same thing.  Just install the developers extension. 

The quickest way to find out your ID Tag is to click on your Profile Image and then the ID will come up in the URL line of your page.

Follow Wendy’s tutorial by clicking hte link below – if you need any further help, please drop me a message and I will be happy to help.

===> How to add your facebook business page to your new facebook profile