How to Contact Facebook for Customer Service

How to Contact Facebook for Customer Service

For one reason or another – sometimes we have issues with Facebook.  My friend Keith, for instance, merged his page and it went into cyberspace.  The video below explains how this happened.


Your account get's shut down, at present they have brought in new filters to stop people adding too many friends a day and this then stops you from adding anyone for a few days … the list goes on. 

Unfortunately there really isn't enough staff in Facebook to deal with the constant help required.  What we all need to remember this is a free service, so be patient, I am sure they don’t ignore you on purpose but merely because they don’t have the staff to deal with the help enquiries. 

I was recently was reading Mari Smith's blog and found this post about How to Contact Facebook:  A Directory of 120+ Forms.  Mari recommends that you use one of the forms provided by Facebook to have your problem dealt with as quickly as possible.

This post provides a comprehensive list of how to deal with issues, bugs or other reasons why you ma need to contact do have an email at but you may find this somewhat frustrating waiting for an answer.

If you are using Facebook for business remember (you don't own the site) and therefore its important to connect with your customers outside of Facebook.  If you are not sure on doing this, then check out this post about setting up a Sales Funnel and The 5 Phases of a Sales Funnel.

Please let me know if you have any good contacts within Facebook to help with customer support by posting your comment below.