How to Combine QR Codes with the Power of Facebook

How to Combine QR Codes with the Power of Facebook

As soon as I saw QR Codes I was hooked  – I just had to have one.  So much so that I bought a QR Code Generator and set it up on my website (not only for myself) but for other people to create their own QR Codes.

So what are QR Codes:

QR is short for Quick Response.

They were originally developed in Japan, and are now becoming increasingly popular in all countries.

They are used to take a piece of information displayed in 2d barcode image and put it in to your cell phone.    To learn more about QR Codes and how to create one for your business visit our QR Code Generator page on our website.

Ok so now I have a QR Code what do I do?  Great question – my friends over at Social Media Examiner have a great article about how to combine QR Codes with the Power of Facebook.

Step #1: Generating the QR code -

Visit our QR Code Generator page to create your image.

Step #2:  This is a little techie

So here is my take on it.  If you upload directly to Facebook you wont be able to share the link etc – if you upload and install it on a web page (Ie. create a webpage and then add the image as I have done on this page) then you can share the web page and customize the components: image (1), title (2), source (3) and description (4) in your Facebook post. Giving you better “appeal” in Facebook.

Step #3 – continue on with..

How to Combine QR Codes with the Power of Facebook article - here .

I am looking forward to seeing your QR Code so please post on my wall in Facebook and let me know how you go with QR Codes.