Get Started

Hey thanks for looking – it’s fantastic you’re interested in starting an Online Business.  There are so many benefits of having an Online Business, my favourite is – you don’t have to get out of your pj’s, nor do you have to answer to a boss! The cost of starting is low compared to any other business and heck, you don’t even need a product to get started.

Now whilst it all seems really simple – you’ll need a few things to get started.

(1) A computer, smart device such as an iphone or ipad ;
(2) A website; and a
(3) Commitment to follow through.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it! It’s actually much easier than you think and to make it simpler still, I am going to show you what you need to do in order to set up your website.

Step 1: Pick a Niche

Most people have some idea of what they would like to promote or sell. If you don’t then pick a niche that has lots of traffic, something that has a high ticket price as well as low ticket items. There are people interested in this niche if you can find products related to it.

If you are stuck – go to places like  and look for the “Dummies” section, this will give you ideas, also try their magazine section.  Chances are if there is a magazine about your niche, then there are hungry buyers.

Pop over to Google Keyword Tool and type in your niche and see what results they give you. For example if you are looking at dance lessons look for a smaller niche like Salsa Lessons, this will make it a lot easier for you to rank in the search engines.

Step 2: Choose a Domain

I buy my domains at GoDaddy and have done so for many years.  I find they are easy to deal with and having domains at the one location is much easier to deal with.  When purchasing your domain buy one that contains your keyword in it, for example www or something along those lines.

Step 3:  Hosting at Hostgator

I have had a reseller account with for many years.  They also offer great support so I would suggest you grab an account with them.  Whilst they offer plans from $4.95 a month I suggest you get take the Baby Plan at $7.95 a month as you can host unlimited domains with this package.  If you are not satisfied they have a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Step 4:  Login to GoDaddy and set your Nameservers to HostGator

Sounds complicated but this step is fairly simple.  Now that you have both the domain and hosting we need to link the two together, ie point the domain to the hosting account.

To do this, login to your GoDaddy account and click on Domain and Manage Domain. Then click on your domain and then the Nameserver icon.

Enter the name of your Nameservers into the area indicated.  If you are not sure what the name of your Nameserver is – check out the confirmation email you received from Hostgator. It will be something like:

Once that is completed – we are on the home straight.  We now need to go and install some software.

Step 5:  Installing WordPress

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you anything other than good things about WordPress.  It’s FREE, it’s simple and really easy to use. Frankly there is absolutely nothing you can’t do with WordPress.

Also…Google really loves WordPress so why wouldn’t we use it :-)

To install WordPress takes a matter of minutes and the very best part about it – that your Hostgator account has a little icon that you click on and bingo… it’s installed in a matter of seconds.  How simple can you get!

Step 6:  Getting a Design to make you stand out in the crowd

There are many FREE themes out there that are pretty damn awesome.  Search WordPress Themes to find one that is suited to your needs.

If you don’t mind paying a few dollars here are two paid sites that I regularly use.

Elegant Themes

If you would like to learn more about setting up a WordPress Site including quick tweaks – then check out my “How To – WordPress” In One Afternoon“.

Well welcome aboard – I look forward to hearing of your success as we travel this Online Road.