Facebook Pages Layout Deadline

Facebook Pages Layout Deadline

Facebook New LayoutThe 10th of March is fast approaching and I am sure many people are starting to panic about the new changes.

If you already use Facebook Pages to market your business or considering using Facebook Pages in the future, then you need to pay close attention to this post. As of the 10th March, Facebook will be integrating every Facebook Page over to the new layout.

What does this mean for you – if you have a page, you don’t have to do anything. It will all be taken care of for you. However if you have a Facebook Page and haven’t created a landing page OR you aren’t very techie then I suggest you get into Facebook and set up a couple of FBML pages on your page whilst you still can.

What’s FBML? Good question – it’s the application that allows you to create “customised tabs” also known as landing page or welcome pages on your Facebook Page.

Facebook is replacing the FBML application with an iFrame application. This means that it will not be as simple to create custom landing pages and tabs, and you will need some programming skills.

To create a FBML tab, simple go to your Facebook page and select the Edit Page [top right hand corner of your screen]. Then select the Apps option, then the FBML app and then install the app (if the FBML option is not listed just do a search to find it). When you click on the Go to App option on the FBML App at the bottom of the page is an option to Add another FBML box.  (Create a couple of extra FBML boxes so that they are there for future use).

Now if all that seems far too daunting OR you are reading this post after the 10th March 2011 – its not all doom and gloom!

Here are two solutions you can use to create a landing page.

(1) Go to the search bar and type in Tab App – this neat little application is easily installed and customised.

(2) Go to Wildfire App and follow their screen prompts.

Both solutions are free – and both relatively easy to use if you aren’t very techie. Feel free to share this post and drop on over to my FB wall and let me know what solution worked best for you!