Facebook Page Content Ideas

Facebook Page Content Ideas

One of the biggest struggles people have with their Facebook Page is getting content.  My friend Andy Manning from the Study Buddy Group shared a link to 25 great Facebook Page Content Ideas.

After reading “25 Great Facebook Page Content Ideas, I thought I would try out Tip no. 7

Tell the first part of a joke and let your community finish it. (Example: “Why did the chicken cross the road?….”

What I also really liked were the tips about Analytics … most of us are not using these to our advantage.

23. Celebrate holidays – Post a status wishing everyone a happy ______. Use the demographics information in Facebook Insights to learn about what regions are represented in your community.

24. Use the Feedback metric in Facebook Insights to see which statuses get the highest %. Replicate that type of content, as this is the kind of content with the highest engagement and best value for news feed optimization.

25. Add UTM codes to the links you share on Facebook to track traffic sent from your Facebook page to your website.

What tip are you going to implement today into your Facebook Page?  Let me know and please share this with your friends.