Facebook is just one of many Marketing Tools

Facebook is just one of many Marketing Tools

Have you fallen into the trap of using Facebook as your main marketing tool?

So why use Facebook?  Facebook marketing is a fantastic way to share information, connect with others and generally build your online reputation.  It gives you the ability to engage with your customer in a relaxed environment.

For some people, I know its a struggle to get Facebook to work for them. When I talk to them about why they are not achieving the success they would like – its generally because they don’t have a plan.  If you don’t know where you are going how are you going to know when you arrive there?

For example my short term goal, over the next month is to increase the Likers to my Facebook Business Page.  I set my goal, write my actions and measure my success.  By creating a plan and following it then your Facebook marketing will start to fall into place.

I know, I know ….  its all good to tell you to set up a plan – but how do you do it?

Over at Social Media Examiner I found this excellent article of 6 daily habits for Facebook Marketing Success which I thought you might enjoy. Take pieces of information from this article and use that to start to write your own plan of action for your Facebook Page.

Once you implement the plan – don’t forget to track your success.

#3: Track your Facebook activity

Although it may not be the most exciting task of your day, taking the time to check your Facebook activity is essential to growing your fan base and keeping your momentum going.

If you’re just starting out with tracking your activity and looking for a quick list of key metrics to track, consider tracking the following metrics on a weekly basis:

  • of total fans
  • of new Fans
  • Fan growth from prior week
  • of unlikes
  • of weekly Actives
  •  Actives growth from prior week

By tracking your success you will know if your Facebook Marketing is working or not!

Remember Facebook is just one tool that you should be using in the road to success for your Business.