Do’s & Don’ts for Facebook

Do’s & Don’ts for Facebook

Is there really a list of do’s and dont’s I hear you ask!

Yes – there definitely is some tricks when it comes to Facebook that can help your Facebook Business Page.  Over at Social Caffine – Lori Taylor has put together an awesome list of do’s and don’ts.

I guess one point that really stood out for me was that lots of us don’t maximise the use of photos on our Facebook Business Page.  I like to change my photos regularly – I love putting up pictures of people from when I attend events.  For me, it makes my page seem more personal – however if you are keen to drive traffic to your website then start using these 5 images.

#2 Upload 5 Photos Highlighting Your Services Or Products

Ok I’m all about coolness and graphically wowing people when appropriate.  And even though I’ve been wowed by people creatively using these images together to look cool, they don’t inspire me to do anything but admire them.

Pretty to be pretty = FAIL.

Those five photos show up on a prime piece of real estate on your page!

Unless you are a graphic designer, pretty is usually not effective.

Your photos should be used strategically, showcasing your product …

To read this full article visit Lori at Social Caffine and learn more about Facebook Marketing for your Business.

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