Dos and Dont’s for Facebook continued

Dos and Dont’s for Facebook continued

Seems everyone has got advice for what you should and shouldn’t do with your Facebook Marketing.

Today I stumbled across this article from Lori Thomas Ross over at Wilson’s Web. She has shared some really good points and I thought you might be in interested in this one in particular –  as one of the biggest stumbling blocks I find is that people do not know what to share.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

DO make sure your social media content is about something bigger than your organization — focus on your “why” rather than your “what.” If you have a business that provides high-quality speakers for a sound system, then the “why” people buy from you is for a quality audio experience.

If you think even bigger, the “why” reason people buy your “what” is for the love of music or acoustics. Your content on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be focused on tips, articles or advice that tie into that bigger “why” to create more meaningful connections.

To read the entire article visit Wilson’s Web here.