Does Social Media Really Work?

No doubt you have often asked yourself “Does Social Media Work”… I know in the early days I certainly did!

It seems like you post and post and do what is suppose to be the right things – but you don’t see any immediate results. Social Media is not going to make you or your business an overnight success.  It’s about building relationships and being consistent.

It personally took me three months before I saw any change in my business – I wasn’t exactly the person who was out there all the time.  I found commenting on other pages hard work – what if, they thought I was stupid – what if, what I said was dumb – do you know that feeling!

Today, I was listening to an interview with Rosh Kahn from “Social Rank” who shared his journey from $100 to $20,000 a Month in Revenue.  As I listened I laughed as I remember reading about him meeting Chris Farrell from “How to Make Money with Chris Farrell”.

Grab a coffee/ tea / or beer and sit down and listen to this interview – even if you know this stuff its a good reminder of how you can make a difference in your business.  Oh and I definately got a giggle out of how he stalked Chris Farrell ! Listen to the interview over at The Rise to the

Let me know – if you have had a similar success story with Social Media for your business.