Display the Page Owner in Facebook

Display the Page Owner in Facebook

Are you wanting more engagement on your Facebook Page?

If you are wanting to engage with your customers in Facebook then make sure you display the “Page Owner”.  I visit many great pages in Facebook – but all too often I see that people do not display the “Page Owner”.

I wonder to myself why don’t people use this feature? One of the main resp0onses I get is  “I am worried about security”.  If this is the case, then don’t use Facebook as a marketing tool. Find another way to market your business – but while you are at it – don’t open a store cause they might walk in the door and see who you are :-)

If you want to engage with your customers then display your image.  Be proud of what you do and make it as easy as possible for people to engage with you on your Facebook Page.

To learn how to Display the Page Owner – what this short video.

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