Common Grammar Mistakes

I am always being ticked off by my friends about grammar and spelling.   I know for me when I write, more often than not I overlook mistakes as I am pushing it out there and don’t see them… (maybe I’m dyslexic).

One of the biggest issues I have is;  who do I write for?  I live in Australia, a lot of my audience is in Australia but I also have a huge list of people from overseas… they spell things differently and use different grammar.

So when you read this article – if I have grammatical errors .. and god forbid a typo please forgive me .. its not intended.

Now that I have got that off my chest and excused myself – here is a great article about the 20 common grammar mistakes that people make.  Affect and Effect would have to be on the top of my list !

Do you have the trouble with your grammer – if so check out 20 Common Grammar Mistakes.

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