Are you needing backlinks to your website?

Are you needing backlinks to your website?

To help boost your rank on Google you need to get good backlinks to your website.  What do I mean by boost ?  The ability to get your site on Page 1.  There are many strategies for achieving this and today I wanted to talk about backlinks.

Some people buy links, other site owners work very hard at building good backlinks, by connecting with other websites and asking them to exchange links.

As part of my linking strategy I submit my site to directories.  Today I was over to ComeOnAussie which is a directory of Australian Websites (only).  ComeOnAussie has a page rank of 5 which means its considered by Google as an authority site.  Now I am not going to go over SEO,


just know that this is a great site to be getting a link back to your site.

I encourage everyone to get your websites listed in as many directories as you can.  Don’t stop at just one – Matter Solution has put together a list of 10 more directories where you can list your site.

I urge you to take immediate action today to building backlinks to your website – set aside 30 minutes, set up a cheat sheet and place on it your domain name, your business name, your keywords, categories that are relevant to your business and some attention getting information about your site.

Each directory will require a little different information – however if you have already created your “cheat sheet” this will make the task of filling in the information required for each site much easier.

Please share this post with your friends – getting backlinks is always a popular subject !