7 Day Schedule – Is it achieveable?

7 Day Schedule – Is it achieveable?

I have set myself a huge goal and I am going to work as hard as I have to in order to achieve it before Xmas this year. Whilst I committed 2 hours a day (for this initial week I realise that 2 hours just isn’t enough time).  These last two days I have spent much more time in order to get the site up and running.

To achieve my goal I need to build a list and get traffic to my site. Oh yes this site that you are currently reading was just a “thought” a few days ago.  I started building the site on Monday 11th October 2010.  I have to admit I spent a large portion of Monday doing non productive things caused I have a small issue with procrastination!

I have no lists, no traffic, in fact not much of anything.  What I do have is the knowledge to set up a blog, and a couple of small products that I recently created. I haven’t promoted these yet, so essentially I am starting with a clean slate.  All my efforts from this site will be focused around setting up a list and traffic.

My tasks that I have set myself for the next 7 days will be:

  • Completing this site to ensure that its is ready to receive traffic
  • Reply to comments (wow do you think anyone is watching it yet)
  • Keep a track of statistics noting what is working
  • Setup Autoresponder
  • Write 7 Articles
  • Create 7 Videos
  • Submit Videos to Youtube
  • Submit Articles to Ezine Articles
  • Set up Facebook/Twitter Account

Plus – lets not forget the entire reason I am doing this, to keep you informed – so I will be writing at least two posts a week – one a tip and one on my progress and of course any other ramblings that pop into my head.