7 Day Schedule – Did I Complete All My Tasks?

Welcome to our readers, I have received a few comments and its great to see my friends visiting the site.  Last week I set myself a cracking schedule.  Below is what I set out to achieve.

  • Completing this site to ensure that its is ready to receive traffic – A work in progress
  • Reply to comments (wow do you think anyone is watching it yet) – yes
  • Keep a track of statistics noting what is working – yes
  • Setup Autoresponder – completed
  • Write 7 Articles – completed
  • Create 7 Videos – half done
  • Submit Videos to Youtube – NO
  • Submit Articles to Ezine Articles – NO
  • Set up Facebook/Twitter Account – NO

I had good intentions to complete these taks, I became sick this week and spent a large portion of it in bed.  I think its a combination of my operation a few weeks ago and the “gotta do everything” today syndrome.

Rest was not in vain though, whilst laying on the lounge I did however get some great tips that I can share with you. I apologise to the lady who wrote these, I was too sick to note the tv channel nor who was the book editor (am I bad or what!).  This lady was however a guru on time management and I will try and track her down.

(1)  Group similiar tasks together;
(2)  Don’t multi task (I have a huge habit of doing that) – it achieves less in the long run;
(3)  Break the habit of checking your emails all the time – she must have been watching my screen.

I reflected on these 3 tips and released that I do waste huge amounts of time multi tasking, not to mention checking emails. Since then I have set a goal to only check emails at the end of every hour and use the other hour staying focused on one task and one task only.  I know that I check emails purely as a way of procrastinating… gosh I love that word.

For the next 7 days I will endeavour to finish off the tasks of last week and start to promote my two new ebooks that just completed.

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