7 Day Schedule

Its been one very interesting week.  I was super excited yesterday I launched a product on the Warrior Forum, something called a WSO.

Within one hour of it going live, I had sold 4 ebooks you can imagine how excited I was about this.  I went to bed totally exhausted but so excited about the fact that finally I was making some money.  I was so keen to fire up my laptop today to see the results of last night only to have my bubble burst – there has been no more sales.

Does this mean my product is a dud, does this mean I am a hopeless marketer, does this mean I am a failure?  I have realized that things don’t always come at a huge rate.  Whilst some people have instant success others take a steady pace.

So I can report this week I made a total of $28.00 and gained a huge amount of experience of how to set up a WSO.  If you would like a free ebook on how to set up a WSO on the Warrior Forum then please drop me an email and I would be happy to give you a copy.