Telling is easier than Doing!

A few weeks ago I finished a WordPress site for a client. After a site is up and running I like to spend 2 or 3 hours with my clients teaching them how to use WordPress, discussing marketing strategies etc.

At the end of the session I said to this client, you are doing a really great job, what you need to do next is write 5 posts and get these on the site ASAP. She looked at me with this strange look and said what… I replied, yes its not hard. We talked about some topics I sent her to a few article sites to do some research and hopefully give her inspiration.

A week later I followed up and there was still no posts on the site, I enquired as to what was happening and she said “I have no idea what to write, I am just blank”.

I was like oh how hard can it be …. Well Linda I am sorry, no doubt when you read this you will get a laugh cause telling is so much easier than doing:-) There is times when we all have a blank, times when what we write doesn’t even seem funny or even make sense.

And whilst I too suffered bloggers block this last week, I knew that if I didn’t starting tapping that keyboard that all too soon I would fall quickly back into old habits.

Write a list each day of what you want to achieve and before you finish your day tick off your accomplishments. You will be amazed at what you have achieved in one day. Unfinished jobs should be rescheduled for the next day. If it’s something that you are really struggling with – do it first thing in the morning when you are feeling fresh. Allocate an allotted time and if you don’t finish it in that time move onto something else. Do as many fun things as you can and then come back and finish off the difficult job.

The problem with doing nothing is not knowing when you’re finished. (Benjamin Franklin)