5 Phases of Facebook Sales Funnel

5 Phases of Facebook Sales Funnel

In our last post we talked about setting up a Sales Funnel using Aweber.  If you missed this post you can read it here.  We looked at how to use Aweber for your autoresponders ie. a way to regularly contact your customers and prospects.

Aweber has a package that starts at $1 – try it out, use all its features – if you don't like it cancel the subscription. But my guesses are you will be hooked on it like me…

Now back to business :-)  Allfacebook (which is an excellent resource for Facebook) shared this great article on the Facebook Sales Funnel – grab a cuppa coffee and sit down and read over this ==> 5 Phases of the Facebook Sales Funnel

Actually don't read it – do yourself a favor and print out this article and make notes – because if you are no

t doing what they are suggesting you are loosing valuable business.

Please share this – as its such a great article I think everyone needs to be aware of this!