45 Ways to Get New Facebook Likers

Having a Facebook Page is a fantastic way to market your business.  Lots of businesses get onto Facebook set up a page and then sit and wait, thinking it will magically grow by itself.

Sad news – it won’t.  Like anything you do in business, you need to nurture and build it.  When I work with small business clients I go through these basic steps.

  1. Write to your clients and ask them to come over and like your Page;
  2. Place a sign out asking your customers/clients to come visit your Page;
  3. Include a note in all correspondence you send out letting them know you have a Page;
  4. Invite friends to join your page (** if you have your office junior running your page this one may not be applicable);
  5. Go to other Facebook Pages and comment on them (be seen);

There are many more steps you can take to increase your likers and Grandma Mary aka Andrea Vahl has created a list of  45 Ways to Get New Facebook Likers.  Lots of these you can start to implementing today.

Let me know if you can think of anymore that should be added to this list.