10 Simple Ways To Get Ideas for Your Blog!

10 Simple Ways To Get Ideas for Your Blog!

Coming up with exciting, funny, new information, latest technology, topics or whatever… for your blog can be often be a challenge. We all go through this from time to time, so don’t think you are alone. 

I have listed 10 ways to get ideas for your posts, always keep in mind that your “ideas” need to satisfy or solve your reader’s problems in order for them to keep coming back. 

 1. Watching my family

My family is my entire world. When I lack ideas a trip to the park and some time in the sunshine, is usually enough to clear the cobwebs. I love watching my son play in the park with our dogs, before long an idea pops into my head. Be prepared and take a pen & paper ready to record the inspiration before it leaves as fast as it comes!

 2. Do Follow Up Posts

You write a great post and get awesome feedback from your readers and you then realise that there is more you can cover on this topic.

 3. Reading other people’s blogs

I find reading other blogs is a huge inspiration. But let’s face it, before you know it, the time has passed and you still haven’t written a post.  Get Google Reader and follow all your favourite blogs in a reader you can then easily scan 20 at a time and quickly come up with ideas.

4. Visiting Forums

There are ideas in every thread at a forum, read the headings, don’t make judgement and before long you will be able to skim over headings and find topics.  Of course make sure the forums you visit are targeted at your niche. Whilst you are there, leave a few comments – share the love and get a few backlinks.

5. Conducting a Survey

Surveys are great. You can get a lot of feedback from your readers or customers about what to do next on your blog. You got two products in the pipeline! Do a survey and ask your customers which one they want. You might be surprised at the results.

 6. Writing Tutorials

You spot a post at another blog asking how to do something. That’s a perfect opening for you to create a step by step tutorial or better still do a video and upload it to Youtube.

7. Conducting Interviews

 I like to download mp3’s and listen to them whilst I am sitting waiting for my son at sports training. Often I will find gems in these interviews.  Use those gems to interview other like minded people for your blog.

8. Asking your Readers

Encourage your readers to post comments, get involved in what you are blogging about.  Reply to these comments, there will always be gems hidden in these comments that you can use for fresh posts.

9. Blog Commenting

By commenting on others blogs it will help you fuel the information tank and give you topics to blog about. Oh and whilst you are sharing some love think about the traffic that will come your way!

10. Share what you Know

You don’t have to be an expert to be able to share with others something they might not know. By sharing something that hasn’t been discussed before, becomes unique content and makes your readers keep returning to your blog. You never know before long you may just become the “Expert” in your niche.

 I am sure you can come up with a couple more so please share your ideas with us by commenting below.